Security Facelift: 3 Reasons Shutters Will Dissuade Thieves

Home robberies are becoming all too common. Our possessions make us targets, and it doesn’t help if we allow ourselves to be complacent. Thieves of today are a lot bolder than their earlier counterparts, and some will go so far as to attempt a break-in even while a home’s occupants are present! While a lot of us would like to bring the outdoors inside, there are certain unsavoury elements that should remain, well, outside. Many businesses, like Stylewise Security, have installed shutters for adequate security, and it’s now an easy and safe solution to dissuade thieves from making their way into your home and robbing you blind.

There is an extensive range of shutters to suit all tastes and budgets. While there are internal options, the obvious choice would be external shutters, as they provide the best protection. There are three reasons shutters will deter thieves:

1. Shutters are clearly visible to thieves

While casing the area for a home they can break into, any potential intruder will most likely see your shutters and decide it’s just not worth the trouble trying to get past them. This should be a good enough deterrent -the mere sight of them will nip a thief’s temptation in the bud and they’ll most likely move on to other unsuspecting victims (just hope for your neighbours’ sake that they’ve got some shutters too…).

2. Shutters are made from sturdy materials

It is almost impossible to break past shutters, especially if they’re made from aluminium with a polyurethane core. An added advantage is a heavy duty tracking design with a bottom bar security system. These features have become quite standard for most shutter manufacturers. The potential thieves probably won’t have the necessary tools that are needed to successfully break past shutters. Shutters are a great way of preventing your windows or glass doors from being broken too, whether by thieves or by nearby children accidentally throwing a ball or rock at your window (and that’s a definite possibility!)

3. Shutters give you privacy

If you have your shutters rolled down, there will be no opportunity for intruders to peek inside your home to assess what valuable trinkets they can help themselves to. They’re opportunistic and always on the prowl, day or night. With shutters, not only will they not be able to see your possessions, but it will make it harder for them to discern if there’s anyone home, should they decide to try their luck after all, by entering your home via another entrance. There’s also the added benefit of preventing the neighbourhood busybodies from nosing around, or the young peeping tom from taking an unauthorised peek at your teenage daughter!

When it comes to shutters, there are plenty of choices out there, to suit any need and budget. Just remember to shop around, ask questions, and you’ll be sure to find the best option for you and your family. It will be worth every cent to have some peace of mind.

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