Seven Ways Scion is Redefining the Family Vehicle for Younger Generations

Scions were designed about a decade ago by Toyota as a class a personal vehicles that can cater to the needs of the next generation.  Generation Y drivers can enjoy a car that is classy, fun, edgy, sophisticated, and innovative. The Scion xb is a perfect example of how investing in a newer type of vehicle can redefine the family car for the next generation.

Below are seven ways Scions are redefining the family vehicle for Generation Y drivers:

1.Functionality for singles, couples, and families

Scions have a little extra room while still being highly maneuverable and fun to drive.  Scions can arguably be the ideal urban personal vehicles. They are easy to park, easy to drive, and easy to haul stuff around in. Many Scions make it easy for families to function.  Safely strap a car seat in the back, and have enough room to easily juggle baby, diaper bag, cell phone, and car keys. Or, dedicate the back seat to your 70 pound yellow mutt and go on a fun road trip.

2.Buy a Fun Car You Want to Drive

Scions are fun to drive and cool to look at. Instead of settling for a new, practical car that you are not completely excited about, invest in a new, practical car that you love.  Scions are practical to drive, and they are practical to own.

3.Superior Cost of Ownership

There is a price on almost every car that you would actually want to own. Investing in a Scion can give you the fiscal flexibility to get some extra bells and whistles. Buy a new car that is fun to drive and cost-effective. Scions have a lower cost of ownership than many other comparable vehicles due to fuel economy, upfront MSRP, insurance costs, costs associated with financing, and resale value. 

4.Spacious Interior

Whether you are a tall person, love a tall person, or just hate getting the back of your seat bumped while driving, Scions such as the Scion xb can give you a little more room. Some extra interior space can make driving more enjoyable and everyday tasks easier. Pick up laundry, groceries, and a new vacuum without much of a hassle. Or, drive the soccer carpool without turning unsuspecting small children into sardines in the back seat. 

5.Designed Specifically for You

You are younger, hip, intelligent, and innovative. Why not invest in a car that was designed specifically for people like you?  Driving Scions can help young professionals send the right message to business clients, neighbors, and that one really fun friend who has been attending undergrad for the past nine years with no foreseeable plans for graduation. 

6.Different Types of Families in Different Places

Families are increasingly moving near urban areas instead of remote suburban outposts. Invest in a car that is practical to parallel park in tight spaces, safely drive backwards on skinny streets to avoid commercial trucks, and reduce the chances of dinging the super-luxury car you parked next to when you open your door.  Scions can allow urban families to combine the best of both worlds.  Get the excitement of the city and joy of having a quality family car at the same time. 

7.A Car that Will Grow With You

Almost every parent understands when a night out without any children in sight is absolutely necessary. Have the ability to still drive a fun car with friends during a night out. Let your new Scion grow as your needs change. 

New Ways of Living and a New Brand of Vehicle

Embrace young adulthood by purchasing the new car you want to drive. Instead of dreading becoming a boring person that lives a boring life and drives a boring car, look at the possibilities Scions have to offer.  

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