Share Family Photos and Videos Easily with Torrents

Most of us have family on one side of the country or another, and in some cases, it’s one side of the world or another. Unfortunately, that makes life difficult when it comes to sharing important family photos and videos with loved ones. While you could burn them to a CD and pay for the cost of shipping or chop large video files into smaller sizes and share via a data site, you can also choose to upload them as a torrent and share that way. While there are a couple of things to keep in mind, like privacy, torrenting or Peer to Peer sharing is one of the easiest ways to share files between users.  

What is a Torrent 

While torrents tend to have a bad reputation as being illegal files, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, there are thousands of legal torrents, and these mostly include personal information and data, community commons works and art and anything with an expired copyright. For the average user, torrents are an easy way to share files without overloading servers, or spending a great deal of time and money uploading or shipping information. Torrents are also known as bittorents and work by downloading files in small bits from hundreds of different servers, thus speeding up the download time. Torrent files require a bittorrent client such as Vuze to open and download.  

Do You Need Torrents? 

If you’re just trying to share a few small photos or a small size video then chances are you can do so more easily using social media or email. On the other hand if you want to share the two hour long film of your wedding, or your baby videos, you might want to skip the social and head to torrents. This also goes for sharing a large amount of high quality files for your relatives or friends to print because these are lightly quite large. Essentially, you want to use a torrent any time you need to use large files that take up a lot of space. A good rule of thumb is anything over 1GB is probably best shared via a torrent.  

Creating a Torrent 

While creating a torrent might sound technical and difficult, you mostly don’t need any tech experience at all if you have the right tools. For example, Azures Software, Inc. offers an easy way to upload and share private torrents without doing anything but pushing a few buttons. On their bittorent client Vuze, the process is as simple as hitting ‘File’, add new and then choosing the preferred selections as you go along. Vuze also has a built in Torrent tracker, which means you don’t necessarily need any additional software. If you want your own Torrent tracker, OpenBitTorrent and PublicBitTorrent are two of the most popular free ones. However, Vuze does not require a torrent tracker so you do not need it. Best of all, you don’t have to modify your file in any way, because the file automatically converts. Should you choose to use Vuze, you do have to download it, and enable it in intermediate or expert level in order to use the client. Because you can upload most sizes of files, you don’t have to worry about sharing larger video files.  

Sharing Files 

Once you upload your torrent files, you have to share them with friends and family, because chances are they won’t come up in search unless you’ve tagged them to do so and made them public. To share your file, all you need is the file link, available from Vuze, and share it with whoever you want to download the file. To get the link, left click on the file and ‘copy torrent URL to clipboard and then simply paste it to whoever you want. Keep in mind that anyone with the link will be able to download the torrent and that they will need their own bittorent client in order to access the file.  

What to Consider?  

Torrents work on a system of seeds, and if they do not have any seeds then they cannot be downloaded. For this reason, it is important to leave your bittorent client open and seeding until the person downloading the file has received it. If you want more people to download the file, make sure that the first downloaders seed as well. This ensures that more people can download the file. All you have to do to make sure that the file stays seeded is to leave your Vuze open and seeding until everything has been downloaded.  

What now? Once you create a torrent and share it, you mostly just have to wait until everyone downloads it. It’s really that easy. Best of all, it’s completely free to share almost any size of file, so you won’t have to worry about paying for expensive sharing services.  

Michael Herbert is a tech expert and knows the fastest and most effective way to send files to his family and friends far away is through using torrents.

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