Soothe Your Crying Baby

When its 3 in the morning and your baby is screaming his head off, it can feel like you’d do almost anything to calm him and get some rest. Although you probably feel like you’ve thought of everything, here are a few quick baby-soothing pointers to get you on your way to a better night’s sleep.


Make sure the basics are covered

When a baby is crying, the first things to check are that their basic needs have been met. Have they been fed? If you’re breastfeeding and it’s the early days of your baby’s life, it’s recommended that you feed on demand, so try nursing your baby again even if it hasn’t been long since the last feed. Is their nappy clean? Once these needs have been met, they will hopefully settle, otherwise you can move on to your next tactics.


Hold the baby close

It may sound silly, but sometimes when a baby is overtired and screaming, it’s their way of saying that they need affection. Babies need a huge amount of physical contact and intimacy from their parents, so hold your baby close, preferably skin to skin, and this will have the strongest calming power. Try speaking in a soft voice or singing quietly to your baby to soothe them back into a relaxed state.


Is it colic?

If you suspect that your baby’s fussing may be down to an upset stomach or gas, you could try gripe water or other over the counter tonics to treat the discomfort. You can also try moving the baby’s legs in a cycling movement to move gas, or gently massaging him.



Babies love to be wrapped tight and comforted in a way that simulates the inside of your womb. Use a swaddling blanket to create this effect, and get noise in the background that sounds similar to the whooshing sounds he’ll have experienced in the womb (you can get CDs for this, or simply turn on a fan). Rock or move him softly for movement, as your baby will have been used to lots of movement while carried around inside you for 9 months. Going for a drive or out for a walk with the baby in a sling can also have this effect and soothe even the noisiest baby.

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