Staying Fit on the Road: Fitness Tips for Business Travellers

You’ve crossed three time zones and suffered two delayed flights. You’re on the other side of the world and wide awake at 3am, ordering room service because your body clock is telling you it’s lunchtime. The week ahead is packed with client meetings and late dinners, leaving personal time scarce. You’re reluctant to place your exercise regime in the too-hard basket but there’s also a lot of these trips in your future. Worry not – staying fit abroad is easy. Here’s a few hints to help keep you on track.

1. It’s All About Strategy

Do a bit of research online before you go – does your hotel have a gym? What sort of equipment does it have? What are its opening hours? Use sites like FCm Travel Solutions that can provide a tonne of useful information about where you’ll be going. It’s also worth investigating any activities near the hotel – does the city have a bike share/rental scheme? Running tracks?

2. BYO

We all know airport food is as unhealthy as it is overpriced. Plane food – unless your company has sprung for first class – isn’t generally considered fine dining either. It depends on where you’re travelling, but some international flights will allow you to take any non-liquid food item with you in your carry-on. Stock up on the way there and on the way back.

3. Engage Beast-Mode Prior to Travel

A well-balanced fitness regime demands rest days so you don’t fatigue your body, allowing it to repair and grow stronger. To maximise the results from an intense full-body workout, you should be aiming for between one and three rest days to properly recuperate. Smashing those hard workouts and getting to the gym as often as you can ahead of your trip might allow you a bit of leeway while you’re abroad.

4. Expect the Worst Case Scenario

If the choice of hotel isn’t yours, assume that you’re going to have zero time to work out and no hotel gym to utilise. The solution? Exercise in your hotel room. Pack a resistance band and look up a few bodyweight exercises before you go. There’s plenty of workout apps available for mobile devices, so grab one of those. A ten minute, moderate-intensity workout is going to be more beneficial than nothing at all AND you can do them more than once a day.

5. Roam If You Want To

As you’re going to be doing a lot of it on your travels, remember that sitting for extended periods isn’t going to be doing your health any favours. Interrupt long periods of sitting by simply getting up and moving around. A good rule of thumb is to aim to do this once every two hours. It gets your blood moving, keeps your metabolism rolling, stops muscles and joints from getting stiff or sore and will keep your energy up.

If you’re finding that jet lag or surprise changes of schedule are leaving you exhausted, augment your travel workout – keep it short and sweet or make it a bit lighter. Got a hot tip of your own for keeping fit and healthy abroad? Drop it in the comments below and help your fellow travellers out!

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