Stress reduction strategies – planning a holiday for a large family

It really is all about the planning. Even for two people going on vacation there is plenty of organization needed, so traveling with a large or extended family means that preparations need to be carefully worked out to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Starting out

The first thing to do is decide where to go. It may sound obvious but for a large group it’s important to get it right. If there is a range of young and old traveling together, look for a destination that offers something for everyone. It’s here that resort hotels come into their own, offering opportunities for children to go into a crèche or take part in supervised activities and giving the parents and others a chance to relax.

Another good option that allows for more freedom in terms of choosing meal times and bedtimes is a vacation rental, especially one that has a pool for the kids to splash about in. There’s no reason not to be adventurous if the budget is available, such as going on safari or taking a road trip around California.

It can be a good idea to get a travel company to do all the organization. They are professionals and can ensure that all travel documents, such as visas, airplane tickets, airport transfers and accommodations are booked, taking some potential major hassle factors out of the equation.

Next steps

These will depend on the destination and means of transport, but with a large number traveling it pays to plan carefully what will be needed both during the journey and on arrival. For little ones a travel pack with diapers, creams and wipes is essential, saving that stressful trip to the pharmacy at the airport. Favorite toys that are easily portable are ideal for helping children to settle down in unfamiliar surroundings, and puzzle and coloring books always come in handy on long trips.

This type of preparation helps when it comes to waiting in a busy airport. There’s nothing wrong with the older ones playing games or doing some surfing on their cellphone or tablet, but it’s also fun to give each family member a treat from one of the airport shops.

Family fun

Vacationing as a family should be fun, and there’s no reason to feel limited about where to go with a large family. Even busy cities have much to offer families, with some hotels offering free meals to children under a certain age, and with family and interconnecting rooms. Interactive museums are great places to stimulate young – and old – minds, and what could be more fun than catching a matinée performance of a popular musical?

Travel plans

There are times when an airport transfer using public transport just isn’t suitable, so to help take away the stress of that situation it’s worth investing in a reliable rental car to give that additional freedom and control. Check if there is a Dollar rent a car near you to take advantage of that additional peace of mind.

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