Stunning Bathroom Design Ideas For 2014

If you are planning to sell your house or, perhaps,you are simply looking to brighten the place up a little. Whatever your reasons, a bathroom renovation will improve the looks of your property and add value to it. Not just any renovation will do, however. The project needs to be carried out to a high standard and incorporate modern designs and ideas. A shoddy job with poor quality furniture and fittings could cause the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve.

I will walk you through the bathroom design process and suggest essential features of the room that you should consider including where it is practical.

The Suite

It isn’t a requirement to use a matching suite. Choosing items that will compliment each other isn’t an exact science, however, so mistakes can be made.

The bath tub is the most obvious item in the bathroom, so when choosing, be bold and get the best quality and most modern designed piece you can afford. If you have space in the room, freestanding baths are all the rage. It is a step back in time to when the first bathrooms appeared and nothing was fitted.

Twin wash basins set into exquisite quality vanity units will put an end to morning arguments as a couple does battle over space.


Don’t underestimate the negative effect that the wrong tapware and bathroom accessories can have on your project. Think modern when choosing fittings, and if a set of taps costs less than five dollars, well you know what I am going to say. Seek out quality chrome or gold lacquer. Often the style of the bathroom suite will guide you. Maybe your taps will be wall mounted over the vanity units. There is such a massive range from which to choose that you will be astounded.


If you wish for your new suite, fittings, and tiles to sparkle; then the correct lighting solutions are essential. LED light bulbs and fittings are the way of the future. You will find high quality illumination from imaginative sources. Recessed lights are not only found in the ceilings these days; how about sparkling points of light coming from the bath panel or even the skirting boards? There is even a company producing floor fittings that can be set amongst the tiles.


As with the wash basins, fit a double shower cubicle wherever possible to cater for the morning rush. Use a large showerhead that is located centrally so that both people can take turns ducking in and out of the spray.

Moisture Control

By controlling the steam that is generated in the bathroom with adequate extraction, there will be less limescale build up on your fixtures and fittings.Your bathroom will keep sparkling for years to come. Limescale is a particular problem in the shower so a little extractor fan there is always a good idea.

Top tip for showers: use a hand held spray bottle to give the area a fine mist of tent waterproofing product every couple of months. Don’t spray where you stand, however, as it may be slippy. You will find that water can’t settle where you spray and everything gleams for longer.

So, now you are armed with the most important facts it is time to hit the shops or the internet. I hope your bathroom, when it is finished, looks as fantastic as mine.

Image: Joselito Tagarao on Flickr

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