Summer is Leaving Us: Essentials for Keeping Warm in the Colder Months

In the midst of a summer heatwave it’s hard to imagine ever being cold again, but like clockwork, the colder months roll around every year. Many of our Australian homes are designed to keep us cool in summer, so keeping warm in the colder months can be a challenge.

About one quarter of the power demands of an average household will be used to moderate the temperature, either heating or cooling the home. That’s a lot of power! Efficient heating options are really important when it comes to saving big dollars on your winter electricity account. It is also important to put some thought into energy efficient heating so you can play your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is not uncommon for families to put up with the cold as long as they can before turning on energy hungry heating appliances. The problem with this approach is that once a room is cold it takes much more energy to heat it up. So what is the answer to the dilemma of staying warm in winter?

Here are a few options to help you heat your home more efficiently.

Heat the Space

Firstly, you need to decide how much space you need to heat. Is it just the living room or do you want to heat the whole house? A portable heater can be taken from room to room with you, but these are generally really expensive to run. Decide on the size of the area you need to heat before deciding on how to heat that space. You will only want to create sufficient heat for the area. A heater that is too big for your area is a waste of energy.

There are lots of options from small bar or fan heaters for really small spaces, to gas heaters and even reverse cycle air conditioners. It’s a good idea to ask the experts about the right type of heater for your needs. Super Amart stock a wide range of heating devices of all shapes and sizes; they will have one that is the right size for the area you want to heat. Gas heaters are considered to be among the most efficient heaters in terms of energy efficiency and heating ability.

How Often Will You Need It?

If you have a ‘cold’ home in winter, you may need to use your heater a lot. If this is the case it is worth investing more to get a really energy-efficient heater. The money you spend at the outset will be quickly recouped in savings on your power bill. If you don’t need to use the heater very often or only for a short period, then you will probably want to invest less money.


An important consideration in heating your home is safety. If you have small children you will probably be best to stay away from an electric heater. Oil-filled heaters are very safe for family use and are also easily portable.

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