Take a Shot at the Top Hunting Spots

What gave you a love of hunting?

For some, it was starting at an early age, accompanying their fathers or other relatives and/or friends into the woods.

Others, meantime, pick up a love of the sport from movies or television over the years, yearning to take that love to the outdoors and nature.

No matter how you came upon your love of hunting, do you have an ideal spot or spots that you turn to when hunting calls?

Unfortunately, some hunters have found such spots withering away over time, this due to lands being bought up and redeveloped. That said there are still many options out there when you want to go hunting.


Land the Best Locales

When looking how to find hunting land keep some of these ideas in the back of your mind when it seems like there are not enough areas out there to hunt:

  • Friends and family – Oftentimes, those closest to you can help you land some of the best hunting grounds near and far in relation to where you reside. If you come from a family of hunters, locating some quality grounds to hunt on should not be the most difficult thing in the world, though take into account that more and more properties are being swallowed up by developers. Unfortunately for hunters, many of those grounds they hunted on not all that long ago have fallen victim to redevelopment, meaning shopping centers, office buildings and more. When you come from family or hang with friends that also have a passion for hunting, lean on them to find your game;
  • Travel – Another option (though sometimes more costly than staying put close to home) is traveling to different areas of the country in search of hunting land. Go online and research such sites, finding which ones offer the best fit for your needs. If the site or sites are within driving distance from where you reside, you can save on airfare, rental vehicles etc. Also look at the weather in those hunting areas, seeing when is the best time during hunting season to go there;
  • Advertisements – Whether it is online, newspaper ads, hunting magazines or other such marketing vehicles, turn to such promotional vehicles when looking for prime hunting land. It is not uncommon for businesses that arrange hunts etc. to do their best with advertising hunts and the best locations to enjoy the sport. This is especially true during prime hunting seasons in different parts of the country, so keep your eyes and ears open;
  • Land owners – With many who own land (especially farmers) struggling at times financially, it is not unheard of these days to see individuals renting out portions of their land for hunting purposes. If you do go this route, keep several factors in mind. First, make sure you scope out the land before agreeing to any deal with an individual and/or family that owns land. Determine what the rules will be in order for you to set foot on the property and properly hunt game. It is not unheard of (and not a bad idea) to draw up a contract, much like you would for a notable purchase in your life (vehicle, home, law services etc.). By doing so, both you (and if you have other hunters in your party) and the person or persons owning the land will be clear on what the set expectations are. This decreases the chances of there being a misunderstanding between the individuals involved. Another important facet of hunting on someone’s land is making sure what areas or allowable for hunting and where there are no trespassing areas. Also check to see if those who own the land have notified any neighbors that there will be hunters on the property on occasion. This once again will lessen the odds of there being any misunderstandings. Finally, it is important that you have a clear idea of where the nearest medical facilities are in the event of an accident, be it a gun wound, someone falling and suffering a notable injury Since you are likely not familiar with the land, knowing how far away such medical services are proves key.


With all the excitement and fun that can come from being out in the woods or on farmland looking for game, take a shot at the top hunting spots nationwide.

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