Taking the Stress Out of Parents’ Evening

Parents’ evening can be a stressful time for everyone involved. The teacher is under pressure to be precise about a student’s development, parents want to know exactly how their child is progressing and the pupil may be nervous about what the teacher will reveal.

And yet, parents’ evenings are still an important and effective way to exchange information about a student’s educational progression. How else are teachers and parents able to help the pupil succeed, if they have no idea about which areas need development?

In the past, students were responsible for setting up appointments between teachers and parents themselves. This meant they could be ‘selective’ about which teachers their parents see, avoiding ones who may have had negative feedback to give, saying, “that teacher is fully booked.”

Whether the review from the teacher is good or bad, parents need to gain a full perspective on the educational development of their child, which only comes from seeing all relevant teachers. Thanks to Parentmail.co.uk and its online booking system, parents’ evening is far more informative than it once was.

So how does it help?

Parents simply log into the system and book appointments themselves, taking back the control, arranging to see the teachers they want to see. The can also chose when they want to see them, fitting around their own schedules.

Parents need to understand the areas their child is excelling in or the lessons where they need more support. They also need to be aware of the child’s role within the classroom and how they cope in a learning environment and socially with other pupils. The only people who hold that knowledge are the teachers and no matter how worrying it may be for the pupil, parents need to be informed.

When making the appointments, parents can add question for teachers, which teachers can see prior to the meeting. This means parents can highlight any areas they want to discuss in particular, and the teacher can prepare the information required in advance.

The new system is set to be launched by ParentMail in February 2014. It promises to reawaken the purpose of parents’ evening and encourage educational success.

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