Teaching Kids Computing

In today’s world, being able to understand and operate computers has become a vital skill. Prepare your kids for modern life from the outset by helping them develop computing skills from an early age.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that your children understand how to behave around the family computer. Set a list of rules so that they know what’s off limits; make sure you emphasise the importance of not bringing drinks or food around the computer and of checking with a parent before they log in. Don’t leave your children alone with this expensive equipment; it’s best to monitor use as much as possible to keep them and the computer safe.

Make your computer kid-friendly. Learning how to use a mouse is one of the key aspects of computing, so invest in a smaller children’s mouse for them to learn with. You can slow the mouse speed down in your computer preferences to help them get the hang of it. There are also special keyboards available with larger and more colourful keys to help them get their typing basics down.

Encourage correct typing habits. While most kids will instinctively try and individually type out each letter with one finger, try and teach them correct hand positioning instead. There are various software programs online that will help teach kids proper placement and develop their typing skills.

Show them how to use the internet in a useful way. The internet can be a great resource for homework and studying, along with exploring and learning about anything your child may be interested in. Show them how to use search engines (with child-friendly filters switched on) to search for particular topics, and help them find educational websites that spark their imagination.

Finally, don’t try and do all of this too early on. Although young children can benefit from learning about computers, if your child is still a toddler then wait it out. Let them develop their visual and language skills before throwing them into the world of technology; there will be plenty of time to learn.

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