Ten Fun Party Costumes for Girls

Girls love to dress up, so what better way to help your little girl express her personality than by helping her find a costume for halloween. 

Most stores offer a huge range of girls and other children’s costumes perfect for girls and young teens this Halloween. For young girls there are plenty of fun, sweet, classic costumes out there, as well as more unique options. For girls ready to take the princess costume and make it a little bit spooky, or take on a scary Halloween costume for the first time, these costumes are a great step into young adulthood this Halloween. Take a look at these fun party costumes for teens on www.spirithalloween.com.

Sweet Costumes for young girls:

These are best suited to girls 5-11 yrs old

  • Peacock Girls Costume: This costume will be a favourite for young girls for sure! With a princess dress, feathers, a peacock tail and a head piece this is the complete glamour costume for a young girl who loves colour, dressing up and over the top costumes. Prance around like a peacock all night!


Something a little bit spooky:

These are best suited for girls 8-14 yrs old

Girl’s costumes have definitely come a long way from princesses and fairies. Now girls can be anything they want to be for Halloween. What will your girl choose? Happy Halloween!

Halloween Spirit are your one-stop shop for everything Halloween, from freaky and fun costumes for adults and kids, through to hats, masks, accessories and oodles of spooky fun.

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