The Beauty of the Glow Worm Boiler For Your UK Home

The new sub zero temperatures and chilling winters are a challenge for most but are even more unbearable when there are challenges and difficulties with the heating in your home. Early mornings become an unpleasant chore, waiting for the old lazy boiler to crank up and finally get going. Maybe this is the year for getting rid of the old boiler and investing in a new glow worm boiler.  

Investing in a new boiler can be a challenge as boiler prices vary according to the type, size, and discounts being offered.  Even though you may be wary of the initial cost of purchase and installation, you will very quickly see significant savings and a reduction in your energy and heating bills.

The new glow worm boiler models are all eco friendly and energy efficient. They can save the average UK householder in excess of 200 pounds per year on average. Almost all modern boilers are gas condensing and require connection to a central gas supply. The beauty of these combi boiler units is that they can provide the heat needed for both your central heating system and of course your hot water. Most home owners renovate and carry out some type of home improvement to their home every five to ten years. Unfortunately, a large number of them fail to change or upgrade their boilers.

Upgrading your boiler to a new and efficient glow worm boiler should be a part of any new renovation or addition to your home. Include it in your plans so that they can fit easily and seamlessly into your home and design. There are so many options that you can choose from.

Start early so you can decide if you will need a plug in model, a digital version, or one that can be in a cupboard or hidden neatly away in a corner or beneath the stairs. Including it in your plans gives you choices and versatility in the placement of your boiler.

If you are not building or renovating, the compact design features of the glow worm boiler means that it can fit easily into an existing space and design. The newer models are significantly smaller than their older counterparts.

All the members of your household will thank you for the addition of a glow worm boiler to your home. There will be an amazing difference in the mornings. The new models are much quieter and the deafening annoying sounds of the older units are a thing of the past.  There will be no more waiting forever for the boiler to heat up in order to get hot water for your shower or bath.

These types of boilers are really the best and most practical solution for smaller households. In those situations their performance and reliability cannot be outdone. They provide great value for money and can compare favourably to even brands that are much more expensive. So do the whole family a favour and call The Heat Team today.


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