The Best Parenting Apps

 Technology can lend a helping hand in almost any aspect of your life these days, and parenting is no exception. If you use your iPhone to keep your life together, be sure to download some of the best parenting apps available. These are some of our favourites:


Breast Feeding Friend

This app allows you to keep track of when you last fed your baby, along with all the extra details such as how long you fed for, and which breast was used, so you’ll always be on top of your feeds.


Emergency ICE Family Pro

To help ease your mind if anything were to happen, this app can be used to store all of your emergency numbers and medical information for your entire family.



Perfect for sleep deprived new parents, this clever app recreates the soft, soothing sounds of the womb to help your baby (and hopefully you!) fall fast asleep in no time.


Baby Connect

With this detailed app, you can log your baby’s day-to-day activities, sleep schedules, mood and growth. Great for noticing patterns in your little one and monitoring your baby’s health.


iReward Chart

This app can help you keep track of tasks and chores that you’ve assigned to your children, and will allow you to note down examples of good behaviour and set rewards. It’s perfect for keeping your family organised and developing a healthy reward system.



One for the dads out there, Dadlabs offers a network of fathers, with videos full of tips and advice on parenting and the everyday issues that can come with being a dad and husband.

For parents looking to find local nurseries, babysitters and other childcare options, this app will give you reviews of what’s in your area, contact information and fees.


SurfBalance Safe Browser for Kids

If your kids are constantly grabbing your phone to play games or use the internet, this app will help keep them safe and allow you to restrict the content that they come across online. It’s cute and child-friendly, and offers fun ideas for things they can do online, so they’ll enjoy the unique browsing experience.

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