The Best Ways Parents Can Stay Connected to Their College Student

Sending their kids off to college is one of the most difficult times in a parent’s life. In many ways, their job is done at their kids’ caretaker and they now need to trust that their children will be alright living on their own.

One way to make this transition easier is to find an efficient and fun way to stay in touch. This can be difficult as everyone’s schedules and lives change, but there are a lot of great methods that can help any family maintain their relationship. Here are the best ways to parents can stay connected to their college student.

Start with great phone and internet service

Having good services for phone and internet are the most essential tool parents and children need to stay connected. This will allow them to always get a hold of each other when they need to most. Every family can use services like Vonage to make sure they are never cut off.

Plan to talk at the right times

Finding times that fit everyone’s schedules to talk can be difficult. Parents need to be patient and realize that their children are trying to find their way on campus and their place in the school. The best way to work around this is to plan to talk on weekends, when most people have a little extra free time.

Schedule in phone dates

To make sure that parents can check in with their kids on a regular basis, it is a good idea to schedule times when the family will talk. This is a great way to have a weekly conversation without playing a game a phone tag beforehand.

Send care packages

Another great way anyone can show their child that they care and that they are thinking of him or her is to send a care package. Parents can theme packages around the holidays or an event in their child’s life to make them feel special and loved.

Take advantage of holidays

Holidays are often the best time for parents and college students to meet in person and catch up. Parents should learn all the holidays that their kids get time off for and try to plan with their children to meet and spend quality time together.

Find the right balance of parenting

Once a child leaves for college, mothers and fathers need to learn to let go of the reigns a little bit and begin to let that child make his or her own decisions. Pushing too hard to be a parent can end up pushing the student away.

Find other ways to stay connected

Other than phone calls, there are so many other ways to communicate while far apart. Parents can take advantage of all of these methods to make sure they never miss a second of the time they can have with their kids. Try out everything from email to video chats to stay on touch and grow closer.

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