The Best Ways to Send Christmas Wishes this Year

Millions of people celebrate Christmas and do so by sending presents back and forth from various locations all over the world. This quite naturally puts pressure onto the postal services in both the UK and overseas, with the increased deliveries meaning lost items and delays can sometimes occur. It is advisable to organise yourself early on in respect to sending parcels, especially if they’re off to an international destination.

Many people will still use the Royal Mail as their preferred choice of postal service. For sending cards and very small packages, they still offer a reasonable facility. However, for larger parcels then it is recommended to use a web courier service as both a way to reduce the overall cost and improve reliability.

If you are planning to send many packages this year then a courier service will also take the stress away from visiting a post office carrying various, and potentially large, items with you. They will pick up the goods from your home or workplace, saving time and effort that could be lost otherwise.

Couriers are private companies which will be looking to provide the best delivery service in order to stave off competition from their rivals. There are many couriers available on the internet such as Rapid Parcel that can be compared in order to find the most suitable deals. You will be given a quote depending on the number of parcels being sent, their weight, size dimensions, delivery speed and also any insurance policies being taken out. It is advisable to research as many couriers as possible to compare the best deals for your circumstances.


If you have friends or family abroad then a courier becomes the recommended service to use, especially for delicate items or larger packages. However, more care must be taken in this respect in both preparing the parcel and writing the address. Carefully protect the goods using bubble wrap and then fill out any empty spaces with newspaper or polystyrene popcorn. This will stop on any items from moving about during transit and potentially being damaged. You can find out more about packaging and protecting your package here.

When it comes to sending gifts you should take time to research the possible courier services at your disposal, along with the Royal Mail itself. Prepare any parcel carefully, make sure writing is clear on the outside and also include a return address. Paying extra for insurance can provide you with peace of mind and is useful for protecting expensive items against loss or damage.

Of course, Christmas isn’t necessarily just about giving presents. You can send your festive wishes simply by sending a card or making a phone call to a loved one. The internet has made it easy to keep in touch with anyone anywhere in the world and websites such as Skype have made personal contact that bit easier. 

If you send gifts, cards or just warm wishes, remember not everybody is happy at this time of year so whatever you do make sure you send somebody something with care.

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