The Best Winter Sun Getaways

It’s easy to become weary of winter; the cold weather, endless sniffles and Christmas hype can all become a little tiring. There’s no need to put up with winter blues; the world is full of beautiful spots to escape to where the sun is still shining bright. Book ahead of time for next year or nab a last minute flight and hotel deal and you could be sunning your pale skin on the beach while the kids paddle in the sea sooner than you think.


South Florida

Florida rarely dips anywhere near the kind of winter temperatures we’re used to in the UK, and its combination of beautiful beaches and family-friendly theme parks and resorts makes it the perfect Christmas getaway if you’ve got kids. Try Miami for sparkling nightlife, great food and top-notch sunbathing spots, or head north to Orlando if Disneyland is on the agenda.



Full of natural beauty and stunning views, the Hawaiian islands offer a dream holiday for those seeking winter sun. Check out the island of Kauai for amazing waterfalls, and a relaxed vibe that’ll have you recharged and ready for the new year.



If you’d like to stay closer to home in Europe, why not try Greece? There are 227 islands in Greece to choose from to find your perfect holiday destination, so the pickings are rich. Crete and Mykonos are popular choices for incredible beaches with clear, warm water and unforgettable sunsets. If you can’t pick just one, Aegean Sea cruises offer tours around all the islands and plenty of on-boat entertainment.


Canary Islands

If you’re on a tighter budget, the Canary Islands a great choice for a family holiday. The islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria all feature large resorts with endless family fun, fruity cocktails and sunshine. Avoid these resorts if you like to keep things a little more low-key, but they can offer reasonably priced package holidays that cater to the whole family.

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