The Guide to Choosing a Gift for Dad Yourself

Dads are a rare breed, who, at Christmas, can be quoted saying things like ‘just get me this’ or ‘I’ll get it and you can wrap it up’. But we’re here to help you put an end to that, and to give you the opportunity to show your dad just how much he means to you. Here’s our handy guide to show you that it is possible to get your dad a gift without him circling items in the catalogue.

Think about what you usually get him, and steer clear

Not too clear of course, that you end up getting him something completely random and not what he would want. But aim to get him something different to what you usually go for. This is a great excuse to get creative, and will be a great way to genuinely surprise him. Think outside the box and get him something unusual and unique to fit his personality and interests.

Ask him for ideas what to get, rather than specific items

It can be incredibly tempting to ring up your dad and ask him what he wants for Christmas this year, as you do every year. However, take a slight spin on this notion and ask for ideas or themes of things he’d like. For example, if he says something like ‘something to wear in the cold weather’ you could go for a range of things, rather than just the boring, simple gloves he picked out to make it easier for you. Dads don’t get enough nice surprises these days, so he’ll really appreciate the gesture.

If in doubt, research

If you really do struggle to shop for your dad, don’t be afraid to look online at gift-specific sites to see what they’d recommend. Look into websites like that offer examples of Christmas gifts for him, if you need some inspiration. Websites like these are good too, as you can choose from lots of personalised presents if you feel like choosing from a shop like this isn’t personal enough.

Go for gadgets

As far as dads are concerned, you generally can’t go wrong with a cool gadget. If he’s into the latest phones/iPods/laptops/cameras (or would like to be!) get him an accessory or corresponding item. If your dad is a granddad, photo upload phone cases with pictures of the grandkids on is a lovely, special gift that will put a smile on his face every time he makes a call.

Don’t feel guilty about opting for a gift card

Dads don’t usually get much time (or cash!) to go shopping for themselves and actually choose what they’d like. To make it more personal and thoughtful, you could even include an ‘IOU’ token with the gift card, referring to the fact that you ‘owe him’ a shopping trip, meaning that you’ll take him to choose a purchase, and get to spend a lovely day together. This can instantly upgrade the seemingly thoughtless gift card into a really sweet, loving present.

Ignite a new hobby

For the man that seems to have everything, why not get him a present that will start a new hobby? For example, you could get him a set of golf clubs and a voucher to go and play, or a good camera for photography. Therefore, this will be a gift with a lasting value. It will also make buying gifts for him easier in the future, as you’ll have new inspiration for things to choose from. 

David is based in the North West of England and will be frantically shopping for his Dad this Xmas.

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