The Many Health Benefits of Acupuncture

The Many Health Benefits of Acupuncture

Whether you consider acupuncture to be a mysterious Eastern art of dubious benefit, or are interested in trying out some treatments to judge their impact for yourself, there are some things you should know about some of the positive effects acupuncture is widely believed to have. If, like many of us, you have some nagging minor health issues that don’t seem to want to go away, acupuncture might be worth considering as a potential fix. Here are a few ailments that can be alleviated with a trip to your local acupuncture office:

Aching Back

Probably the most common reason that people see an acupuncturist is that they are looking for relief from lower back pain. Here’s the good news for these patients, as well as the large swath of the American public that suffers from an aching back: Acupuncture has been shown in a number of clinical trials to decrease back pain, even more so than taking prescription medication in some cases.


Stress and Persistent Headaches

As those of you who are frequent sufferers know, when a bad headache hits you it can completely derail your entire day, as all other priorities instantly pale in importance to removing your skull from the imaginary vice it seems to be stuck in. Acupuncture can actually decrease the amount of influence headaches have over your life in two distinct ways: One, by actually lessening the pain from the headache itself, and two, by attacking a major source of headaches, stress. Studies have shown that stress hormones are significantly lower in rats that have just undergone acupuncture treatments.



Everyone’s mood suffers somewhat during the winter, what with the accompanying decrease in both sunlight and temperature. If you are looking for a way to ease your seasonal blues, acupuncture may be able to help. Studies have shown that not only does acupuncture help to decrease depression in combination with medication and therapy, but that it can also lessen the negative side effects of some anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs.


Weight Loss

In addition to feeling a little down during the colder months on the calendar, people are also more likely to pack on a few extra pounds during this time. In some ways its unavoidable, seeing as you have both the holiday season feasts and a dearth of outdoor outdoor activities working against you. There are some clinical trials out there suggesting that acupuncture may be able to assist you in keeping off the winter weight, and helping you to get a head start on your beach body for summer.


Now that you have a basic overview of some of the maladies that can potentially be cured by acupuncture, it is up to you to decide whether you want to try out a treatment. If you have tried other techniques (such as medication, chiropractic visits, exercise etc.) and not gotten the results you had hoped for, I would recommend giving it a try. After all, there is very little risk involved, and you may just discover something that makes your life a little bit easier.


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