The Unexpected Benefits to Getting Out and Cycling

We all know that cycling is a fantastic hobby for keeping you fit and getting you out and about. If you work in an indoor job then you will probably feel wonderful when you are out on your bike on the open road.

However, as well as these obvious benefits there are also some which you might never have thought of. Despite being unexpected positives, these could turn out to be among the most exciting parts of the hobby for you. The following are a few of the best of these unexpected benefits.

Make New Friends

Cycling is now a hugely popular sport, with lots of people deciding to give it a try in their spare time. At some point you are sure to come across another cyclist whom you get on really well with. Going out on cycling trips with someone else can be really exciting, as you get you share your hobby and enjoy new experiences together. You might also find that doing this with another cyclist helps you push on your performance or your fitness on to the next level, if that is what you are after. If you are just after some relaxed and pleasant company to make your trips more enjoyable then you should be able to find this too. In either case, cycling with some friendly company is a completely different way of enjoying the hobby from doing it on your own.

See Places You Might Not Otherwise See

One of the most amazing things about cycling is that it gives the chance to see new places and to see familiar places in a different way. How many of us drive or take public transport to work and pass the same streets every single day?  You might not even have fully explored the city you live in or the countryside around it yet if you do this. Going out on your bike means that you get the chance to get away from those busy streets and see new and exciting places. If you check out cycle tracks or routes near you on the internet then you might be amazed at how many great cycling opportunities are close to your home. If you want to see new places further afield then just take your bike with you in the car and use it once you get to your destination. Cycling is one of the most flexible ways of travelling and is ideal for really getting a feel for the places you go to.

Look Good

After you have been using your bike for a while you should start to feel your stomach start to get flatter and your legs stronger and firmer. These are some of the best and most obvious benefits of cycling but what about more unexpected ones? Well, in this respect we could think about how good you could look when you head out with your cycling gear on. If you currently think that the clothes you will wear when you are on your bike is going to be one of the negatives then it is time to think again. The modern ranges of cycling clothing and accessories at SportPursuit for example, look great and will make you feel better about yourself before you even start pedalling.

Save Money on Your Commute

If you currently drive to work or take the bus or train then I’m willing to bet that you spend a fair bit of money on your commuting. In fact, for many of us the cost of getting to work and back is one of the biggest monthly expenses. When you first start cycling you might see it as a fun way to get out in the countryside at the weekends. However, what if you then decided to cycle to work as well? This is basically a popular way of commuting for free while keeping fit and avoiding annoying traffic jams. You will want to build your confidence on the bike before you hit the city roads during rush hour but once you get started you will probably wonder why you never thought of this idea before. As well as this, you will also find that getting on your bike means having a low cost, active weekend activity at hand. You can carry this out whenever you don’t want to spend much money at the weekend but don’t want to sit around the house until Monday either.    

What other unexpected benefits have you discovered by going out on your bike?

Brian Weaver is a sports fan who loves to put on his cycling gear and head out to wherever the open road takes him

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