Things to Consider Before Renovating Your House

There’s nothing more maddening than mixed up advice, old wives tales and the know-it-all next door, measuring your outdoor renovation with valuing eyes and an upturned nose. You’ve bought everything you need, or so you think, turning over the local hardware store and dropping a hard earned few thousand on power tools, safety equipment, a harness or two and gardening paraphernalia you probably won’t use beyond the first flush of green thumb inspired excitement. Before you transform a renovation dream into a renovation never-again, consider the following points and put your bank card away. Don’t let your ambition to have the best house on the block outstrip common sense.

Safe, Sound and Professional

Not everybody loves the thought of the DIY adventure; in fact, some people prefer to dash their wages on highly qualified tradespeople. Roof safety may seem pretty simple; don’t fool around, don’t fall off and make sure you’re attached to something. Pretty straight forward, right? When it comes to working at heights, there are three areas to consider; ladder safety, anchor points and personal protection. Don‘t know where to start? You should always consult with working at heights experts like [email protected] first to ensure maximum height safety; ppe equipment may be the last thing on your mind, and ladder know-how seems like a line of reasoning most of us take for granted, but this is not your area and relying on those who have the know-how will ensure your DIY renovation experience and make sure you’re down with the importance of PPE.

Get Certified

You may love your property, right down to its natural borders, overlooking every character nick and cranny to bask in the glowing silhouette of four walls, windows and a working garage door. It may be a broken down palace, but hey, everybody needs their own pile of bricks and timber to call their own. Before you start hoeing into the ground with a barely-used shovel and throwing days on the fire to carve out the new foundation of a much needed office space or additional bedroom, think about the problems that may crop up. Ants. Termites. Rot. Mould. Buried tree stumps. Water mains. Electrical and internet wires. The underground may be dirty and obscured from the everyday eye, but it is rife with complications; an updated building and pest inspection will save more headaches than it causes.

Have a Plan

Renovating your home isn’t like going shopping, you can’t change your mind at the check-out and walk away from the experience. Uncertainty will get you nowhere and normally leads to a special brand of chaos reserved only for development sites. If you’re going it alone, get advice from other renovators, builders and development consultants, breaking down your day to day schedule and progress stages. If you’ve hired someone else (and they pass the discussed checks), make sure you’re clear on the price, inclusions and exclusions, services, time, materials required and any other niggles you know will eat at you, AFTER the job is complete.

Renovation can be a truly rewarding experience. Or it can be abjectly miserable. Make the right decision for your home, and don’t rush into any details; ask questions, plan efficiently and ensure you house is insured against any unexpected surprises. Happy renovating!

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