Tips and Tricks for Saving Money on Children’s Clothing

In today’s economy, parents may find themselves appalled at the price tag attached to most of the children’s clothing available to them. It can be difficult for many to shell out the cash, knowing what a recurring expense this can be. Children grow and change sizes faster than they change grades at times. The upside to this, however, is that it becomes a prime opportunity to consistently save money when one knows how. Here are some tips for scoring the lowest prices on the best items: 
Sales and Clearance Racks 
Some of the most obvious places to look and often the first to come to mind are the clearance racks and ever-changing sales offered by local stores. Clearance items can be marked as high as eighty percent off of the retail price which can add up quickly!  
 Many stores have an individual schedule for when they put out new items on these racks each week. A quick google search can be enough to reveal on what day the kid’s clothes department is restocked. First pickings are usually the best! .  
 A change in season brings a change in what stores keep on hand. Seasonal closeouts and holiday sales can be a perfect time to plan ahead for a child’s future sizes and with the least drain on the pocketbook. Time is a parent’s friend as great deals are harder to come by when in a rush or looking for something needed immediately. 
 Many retail and department stores offer either a membership card or a store credit card to their customers. Often these provide special discounts that will take the price down even further on merchandise that has already been marked down. Some stores send out additional monthly coupons to their members that can really make a difference. Don’t be afraid of a Payday Loan or credit card as long as the balance is kept low and routinely paid off! 
Good Quality Used Clothing

Many parents make use of previously used clothing that has been kept in acceptable or good condition. “Hand-me-downs” provided by relatives, friends and neighbors whose children have outgrown their use can be a consistent and quality source of free or cheap items, as well as thrift stores. At times, brand new clothing with tags still attached will be found from these sources.  

With the advent of websites such as Ebay and Craigslist comes the opportunity to shop at one’s leisure within a slightly higher quality margin. Listings of clothing lots (more than one piece) can be an extremely budget friendly way to fill out a child’s wardrobe. An important note here is to keep an eye on shipping for long-distance transactions. Look closely at the pictures and ask questions. Always be sure to do the math! 

 Clothing Exchange Stores 

 Many cities have small clothing exchange stores geared towards women, children and infants. When clothes, toys or accessories are no longer useful or have been outgrown, they can be brought in and exchanged for cash or store credit. In-season items will bring a greater return, as will the condition of what is being exchanged. Saving money on children’s clothing requires both knowledge of where to look and a little extra time to put in. The process becomes simpler as it becomes routine, though, and is well worth the effort to many moms and dads! 

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