Tips And Tricks To Remove Nasty Household Stains

It doesn’t matter how careful and conscientious you are – at some point, a glass of wine or plate of food is going to be toppled over, creating a massive, apparently-immovable stain in your beautiful home. There’s no need to panic. Stains can be removed. There are plenty of tips and tricks articles out there already, so this article will focus on a few lesser-known, highly effective tips for removing nasty stains.

Prevention Better Than Cure

It’s easier to prevent a stain than it is to remove one. This isn’t to say that you should take extra care not to spill or drop anything – accidents are a part of life. But there are things you can do to make your environment less susceptible to stains. Internal walls can be finished with a hardwearing, washable paint. Use hardwood timber or tiles on floors where spills are a certainty – the kitchen and dining room, for example. In areas where you want a little more comfort, carpet manufacturers like Stainmaster have a range of plush options that are resistant to staining. There are also products available that make leather and fabric sofas and lounges impervious to spilt food or drink.

Shampoo and Shaving Cream

Shampoo and shaving cream are not just products for personal grooming. Both are actually really good at removing stains. They are essentially soaps in different consistencies with different active ingredients. Shampoo and shaving cream are great for stains on fabrics and fibres – sofas, clothes and carpets, for example. Work the shampoo or shaving cream into the stain, then blot away the residue with a wet washcloth. Neither of these products will set the stain, so you’re free to try another solution if you don’t get the results you’re after.

Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar is one of those products that ends up in the back of the pantry, with years passing between uses. You might start using it a lot more frequently when you realise its stain removing power. Mixed with lemon juice, cream of tartar becomes a powerful bleaching agent. It can be used to remove spots or stains on white clothes, tablecloths, sheets or couches. Rust and mildew stains on tiles and grout won’t last if you give them a good scrub with this cream of tartar solution.

White Vinegar

Many homes are rediscovering white vinegar as a powerful disinfectant and cleaning agent. You might be including a dash of white vinegar in your laundry load, in your mop bucket or in your dishwater already. This wonderful substance is also great for treating stains on sensitive fabrics like suede. Dab the stain with a cloth soaked in undiluted vinegar – it should rise to the surface and disappear.

There are plenty more fantastic stain removal products out there. Ammonia, rubbing alcohol, glycerine, dishwashing liquid and salt are just a few that you might have lying around the home already. Do a little research – you’ll be surprised at what you might find to remove that pesky stain!

Do you have any insider tips on stain removal? What’s an unknown product you use to clean stains regularly? Share your secrets with other readers in the comments section below!

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