Tips for Organising your Child’s Play Area

When you walk into your child’s play area – does it look like a tornado came and threw toys all over the room? Dolls are strewn on the floor with their limbs twisted every which way, building blocks are a painful obstacle underfoot and puppets and dress-up clothes are draped over every surface. In short, it looks like a disaster zone every day.

Of course, when children play they are going to make a mess – it’s absolutely inevitable. However, the trick is to have a children’s play area that is well organised so that putting toys away after playtime is quick and easy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you can have a well organised and easy to tidy children’s play area:

Declutter the Toys

The first step to organising your child’s play area is to declutter and reduce the amount of toys that they have. Many children have a large collection of toys, but only play with a few of their favourites on a regular basis. Chances are that there are some toys in your child’s closets that they wouldn’t even notice if you gave away to charity. In order to reduce your clutter and free up storage space, go through all of your child’s toys and get rid of the unnecessary ones.

Confine Toys to One Area

When toys are strewn all over the house, it can take a long time to clean up and organising can be a nightmare. It is better to define a children’s play area in your home, where the toys will always return. If you have a large enough home, you can have an entire room as a play area. If you have a smaller home, you could use a part of the child’s bedroom or a corner of the living area. Just by confining the toys to a particular area, you will make organisation a lot easier.

Keep Similar Toys Together

The best way to organise your child’s toys is to keep them with other toys that are similar. For example, keep the cars together, the musical instruments together and the building blocks together in one place. If your child has Playmobil sets, which can be found online, you can store them all together in a storage container.

You might end up with a few toys that don’t really go together, but you can keep these in their own miscellaneous basket.

Choose the Right Storage Containers

The next step is to find the right storage containers for your child’s toys. You might already have something suitable around the house, or you could purchase something suited to the purpose. The storage containers should be sturdy enough to hold everything as well as being easy for your children to lift and move. You can choose different colours for each storage container, so that your children will be able to identify the different containers – which will make it easier for them to help tidy the toys away.  

Make Tidying Up Child-Friendly

Now that you have organised your child’s play area, you want to make sure that they will keep it organised and tidy. Think of ways that you can make tidying up the toys easy and fun for your little ones. Having the storage containers within their reach and labelling them will make it easy even for toddlers to know what toys go where. You can even make cleaning up a fun game by putting on a song or setting a timer, to see if you can get the room clean in 30 seconds or less. Another fun game when you have more than one child is the “secret toy” game. You choose a toy on the floor before clean up begins, but don’t tell anyone. Whoever picks up the toy wins the game! This game makes cleaning up a bit competitive and it encourages your children to tidy up as many toys as they can to increase their chances of winning.

These are just a few of the ways that you can organise your child’s play area and keep it beautiful and tidy.

Tia Jordan is a home décor consultant, blogger and mother of two. She likes to write about clever tips that can make your home more beautiful and functional.

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