Top 5 Handyman Skills to Master

Just because you live in an era of quick fixes and technological advancements doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do the basic jobs around your home. Mastering the basics of handyman training will save you money, give you better skills for new home projects, and means you aren’t relying on the unpredictable schedules of tradespeople to fix your problem.

Master welding

If you can master the skill of welding, you will find the home improvement opportunities available to you are endless. You can start building your own backyard shed, fix the weaker structures around your home, and feel like a boss melting hard metals with very hot flame. Just make sure you have the right welding supplies – a good starting point is the website of an established authority in the field such as WIA.

Master fixing loose tiles

A loose tile doesn’t have to mean you hire a tiler, but you will if you don’t know how to fix it before it breaks or comes off. Master the art of reattaching a loose tile and you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in replacement tiles and hiring a tradesperson.

Master the art of hanging

Hanging a picture is a basic skill of daily home life, but if you really want to impress those around you, it’s time to learn how to properly attach the hooks and hanging implements for the pictures. There are a number of techniques to learn, including safety tips for drilling holes in the wall, and the best areas to attach hooks without detracting from the integrity of the structure and the beauty of the room.

Master the hole in the wall

The dreaded accidental hole in the wall is unfortunately a reality for many, particularly those with small children or energetic pets. So knowing how to fix these little accidents is very valuable – you won’t need to pay a tradesperson to plaster your wall, or wait for them to be available. Just make sure that you have all the supplies and matching paint to complete the job. Don’t make it look too easy, though, or your exuberant family might think you enjoy doing it!

Master the art of painting

Nothing in the world of the handyman is as simple, as universal, or as useful as knowing how to paint. Having the skills to paint well means that you can make over your home for a fraction of the price whenever you want. What’s even better about this skill is that it doesn’t take a long time to master the basics – you can be back and repainting your home in no time. Just make sure you learn how to look after your painting tools as well – there is nothing as disappointing or frustrating as a congealed paintbrush.

There are a few skills you should brush up on to maintain your home. What is the most useful handyman skill that you have used? Which skills do you wish you had and why? Share your stories, experience and answers by commenting below.

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