Top 5 Safety Tips For Trick-Or-Treaters

When you’re a parent, you inevitably have of anxiety about Halloween, because it usually means that your kids will be out and about trick-or-treating with their friends. Obviously, any parent is bound to get a little nervous because trick-or-treating means that your kids are walking around the streets in costumes—in the dark. This type of anxiety is totally understandable, especially for parents.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take in order to prepare your kids for a memorable and safe night of trick-or-treating. All parents should utilize an online resource that allows you to search for criminals and sex offenders in the nearby area so that you can make sure your kids don’t go anywhere near those houses. Lots of websites, like Instant Check Mate, make it super simple to research this type of information. For additional safety (and peace of mind) on Halloween, make sure your kids follow the five safety tips below!

1. Go With A Group

No child should ever venture out trick-or-treating alone because that’s just a bad situation waiting to happen, especially since it’s dark outside. So it’s essential that your kids go trick-or-treating in groups. The larger the group, the better, but even small groups of three or four are much better than going solo.

2. Don’t Wander Off Alone

Kids have a tendency to want to break off from their group when trick-or-treating for several different reasons. Maybe they want to go back to the houses with the best candy, or maybe they want to wander off to find some of their other friends who may be in the area. Regardless of their intentions, make sure your kids know that breaking off from their core group is never a good idea.

3. Avoid Unlit Streets

It’s easy for kids to get off track when they’re out in search of tasty treats because they want to hit every single house so that they can get as much candy as possible. Make sure they know that dark or dimly lit streets can lead to very dangerous situations, not to mention the fact that a house with all the lights off means that the residents are either not home or they’re not passing out candy anyway.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Friends

Like we mentioned above, trick-or-treaters have been known to wander off alone without realizing how dangerous it is. Tell your kids to keep a close eye on their friends to make sure that everyone in the group is present at all times. If they notice that one of their friends has wandered off, tell them to call you right away. Kids who don’t have cell phones can always look to a nearby adult for help since they’re frequently out chaperoning younger children on their candy-gathering missions.

5. Don’t Enter Any Homes

In middle school, I was trick-or-treating with friends in one of the safest neighborhoods around when a man asked us to come inside his house to get more candy. Luckily we declined the creepy invitation, but only now do I realize how dangerous that situation could have been. Kids often think that all adults are trustworthy and nice, but they need to know that’s not the case, especially in this day and age. Be sure your kids know that they should never to enter a stranger’s home, no matter what they’re offering or how nice they seem.

Do YOU have any additional safety tips for this year’s trick-or-treaters? Let us know in the comments!

Ashley Wright is a blogger and mother of two from Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in writing about parenting and safety tips. 

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