Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2014

There are still 4 months left before the day of love arrives, but married couples around the world have already started planning for V-Day. This is actually a good thing because last moment plans can end up in a disaster (airline tickets sell out, gift prices soar etc.).

Those of you who are deciding/ have already decided to celebrate Valentine’s 2014 in the big D may find it challenging to decide what to do with so many available options.

Well, we have made it easy for you by narrowing down the best ways to celebrate V-Day 2014 in Dallas, TX, excluding the candle lights.

You can:

1.  Visit the zoo

The zoo presents a frugal option to celebrate Valentine’s. You can take your spouse to the Dallas zoo, where the average ticket admission is only $5 per adult entry in January and February.

It’s also a good place to do most of the talking as the zoo is less crowded on the 14th of February. The Dallas zoo also offers the best ‘zoological experience’, so you will also get to see several endangered species during the visit.

2.  See a murder mystery

Keith & Margo Murder Mysteries of Texas are famous for organizing the Valentine’s Day Massacre each year (rated PG-14 FYI). This is a murder mystery show that includes a roundabout special time for the couples with a dinner, show, dancing and reception.

All the elements of a murder mystery are brought together with a dining experience and a dance evening. The average ticket price for this musical and mysterious celebration is $90 per person.

3.  Take the traditional route

If your spouse likes to keep it low and celebrate in a traditional way, you could find a spot at the CRU Food and Wine Bar. It is important to book early as seats get reserved quickly as February nears.

Sumptuous dinner courses make for a memorable night of courtship and romance. But don’t rely on the linguini–make the ambiance something unforgettable. You’ll want candlelight, a special table covering, background music, and fresh bouquet of flowers to tie the room together. And nothing ends a romantic dinner better than dessert. Some people consider it mandatory, in fact. The average cost of this celebration is $100 per person. If that does not fit your budget you can pull off all the elements of this evening through local and internet resources.

4.  Make it a late night at the museum

Because of children, some married couples prefer to spend time in the latter part of the day, which makes late night dates an ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s. Though most restaurants remain open late night, you can enjoy the attractions offered by the Dallas Museum of Arts.

They have hosted Late Night Date Night in the past, which also included a performance by RTB2. If there’s no such performance next year, you can still enjoy the extensive collection of contemporary designs and new exhibits. There’s also a store inside that becomes a must-go if you or your partner have a thing for art. The ticket price on average is $16 per entry.

5.  Dive in wine

Max’s Wine Dive makes up the perfect location for couples who like to try out new wine flavors. The venue also offers dinner along with pairings of the finest wines. There is also an option for family dishes if the need arises.

Their best offering is fried chicken and champagne, which can be ordered separately if it’s not on the Valentine Day’s menu. The cost will depend on what you order for the evening.

Some of these suggestions will be fun, others will be romantic; but in any case, you’re going to have a memorable time doing any of these celebrations.


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  1. Fred

    December 6, 2013 at 5:16 am

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant and visit a romantic places.

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