Top Destinations for Your Next Beach Escape

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of gentle waves lapping on the shore. Can you feel that? That’s the warm sun turning your skin a golden brown. And can you see that? That’s the blue sky merging with the turquoise waters directly in front of you. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s you sitting on a lounge chair on a beautiful stretch of beach somewhere in the world. But where exactly? Well, that’s a decision, you – and only you – will have to make! If you’re dreaming of a beach escape on your next holiday abroad, read on. Here are three of the top beach destinations around the world that will surely satisfy.

Coral Coast, Fiji.

The birthplace of Fijian tourism, the Coral Coast is a brilliant 80 km stretch of white sandy beach located on the southwestern side of Vitu Levu – the largest of the 322 islands that make up the Fijian archipelago. Every imaginable style of accommodation lines the shores of this charming island coated with pristine jungle and surrounded by colourful coral reef, including 5-star luxury resorts, mid range hotels, budget backpacker hostels and traditional village homestays. For suggestions on where to stay on the island, visit a specialist travel agency such as My Holiday Centre . For the more active traveller, tourists can go scuba diving, drive over sand dunes, take a river safari down the Sigatoka, and come face to face with sharks! Or, you could of course stay on the beach and get that much needed tan. It’s really up to you!

Koh Samui, Thailand.

There’s a reason why Koh Samui consistently draws legions of tourists from all over the world to its shores year after year: it’s simply amazing. Located just off the coast of Surat Thani in the Gulf of Thailand, the island is awash with lush jungle and coconut trees, and is surrounded by warm, crystal clear water, framed by a stunning natural coastline, and infused with a laid-back, relaxing vibe. Friendly, smiling locals perfect the picture. Koh Samui also enjoys warm weather all year round, meaning that it can always feature on your itinerary, no matter when you decide you need a well-earned break. When soaking up the sun gets too boring, or you crave a little fun, travellers can partake in a wide range of activities, including jet skiing, snorkelling, diving, horse riding, golf, hiking and many more.

Boracay, Philippines.

The winner of innumerable “best beach” awards from countless travel publications and agencies all over the world, Boracay is a real jewel nestled in the middle of the Philippine archipelago. Only an hour’s flight from the capital Manila, it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and promises to fulfill many a travellers’ beach destination fantasy. Apart from the whitest sandy beaches, clearest blue waters, and perfect weather practically all year round, Boracay is also a nightlife hotspot in South East Asia. Indeed, they say “it’s more fun in the Philippines,” and for many, the real fun begins only once the sun goes down.

What other beach destinations around the world are you head over heels with? Please leave your comments below and contribute to the discussion today.

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