Top Signs That It’s Time to Replace Those Old Glasses

Since eyeglasses are something that most people wear and use on a daily basis, it can be difficult for people to recognize when it is time to invest in a new pair. Some people may be reluctant to replace their glasses even when they suspect it is necessary. Although it’s easy to put off the effort of visiting the optometrist and the cost of buying a new pair of glasses, doing so can have harmful effects on vision and eye health. Whether the glasses in question are for women or children, or if you need to replace men glasses, the following indicators that a new pair is needed should be taken seriously.

Symptoms of Eye Strain Surface

When a person’s vision has changed and his or her glasses are no longer the correct prescription, eye strain is unavoidable. This can be difficult to notice at first because experiencing changes in vision is a gradual process; people who only wear their glasses for activities such as reading or using the computer may be especially oblivious to early signs of eye strain. At some point, though, the following symptoms will likely appear:

  • Headaches or discomfort
  • Double vision or blurred vision
  • Difficulty focusing the eyes
  • Watery or dry eyes
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain

People who are straining their eyes may also squint frequently and become more sensitive to bright light. People who notice any of these signs should visit an optometrist to determine whether an outdated prescription or another issue is responsible for the strain.

The Glasses Are Barely Intact

Unfortunately, glasses are easily damaged, and while many people prefer to postpone replacement until the glasses are truly beyond repair, there are a few disadvantages to doing this. Glasses with lens damage and glasses that no longer sit correctly on the face can both cause eye strain. This is especially a risk with prescriptions like bifocals that require the wearer to look through different parts of the lenses depending on what they need to focus on. Even when there is no strain, glasses that are scratched, distorted, or otherwise worn down will not provide as much clarity. Glasses with damage to the frame or hinges, meanwhile, are at a high risk of breaking at an inconvenient time.

A Professional Recommends Replacement

Typically, optometrists recommend that adults who are not seniors and not at risk of vision problems have an eye exam every two years. If the optometrist recommends a new pair of glasses during this exam, it is smart to make the upgrade, since so much time will past before the next scheduled exam. Periodically, even when a pair of glasses is intact and the prescription is correct, an optometrist may recommend replacement because improvements in lens design make investing in new glasses worthwhile. For people who wear glasses for work because they must read or work in front of a computer screen all day, taking advantage of new lens technology can really pay off.

Anything Else Feels Wrong or Off

Even if none of these signs occur, people who do not feel that their glasses are quite right should consider investing in a new pair. Whether the glasses are uncomfortable or their appearance has grown tiresome, upgrading is worthwhile, considering how much most people use and rely on their glasses.

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