Top Tips to Protecting Your Bicycle from Thieves

According to the people who keep crime stats, a bike is stolen in the UK every minute. If you’re interested in these stats, you can see here, here, and here.

Bike theft has doubled since the 90’s. With less than 6 percent of the owners reclaiming their property, a big question is who is buying these stolen bikes? A better question is: How can you keep your bike from being a statistic? Use common sense, a good lock and a bit of luck.

Get A Lock

Get a good bike lock and use it. Most bikes that get swiped are not locked down. In other words, don’t make it easy for a thief. An unlocked bike can disappear in a couple of seconds.

A good lock is also a requirement. Cheap locks can be broken in an instant and the bike disappears almost as quickly as if it were never locked. For the best results, use a pair of locks.

Get Secure

Bicycle Thief

Park and lock your bike in a public area. Most public places have a place to lock your ride down. If you’re not sure, call ahead. If there’s no good place right there to secure your bike, find one.

At home, lock it in the garage. A bike left in the yard is an invitation to a thief. If you don’t have indoor storage, a ground anchor allows you to lock the bike down to something that can’t be moved.

If that’s not an option, keep your bike as out of sight as possible. Thieves like to see what they are going to swipe and they like to have a good and fast way to get away with their look.

If you’re locking down in public, put yours next to more expensive rides. Given the choice, a thief is going to take the easiest first and the most expensive next. With the same amount of effort needed to heist two bikes, the criminal will opt for the more expensive one.

Get Insurance

With some bikes running over £1,000 and some more than an economy car, get insurance. This can be done as straight with specialist cycle bike insurers such as Protect Your Bubble. Whichever you choose, make sure it covers theft away from home.

Please note that the higher end bikes make require bicycle-specific coverage that protects in case of theft or damage.

Get Registered

As said above, less than 6 percent of bicycles are ever returned to the owner. The chief reason recovered bikes are returned is because the police cannot identify the owner. Register your bike with a photograph and some information about the make and model.

A few recommended places you can register your bicycle in case of theft (and recovery by police) are:

If at all possible, mark the bike’s frame in a two different locations with your postcode. Make sure one location is well hidden. Store this is the registration. This makes it easier to recover your ride.

Less Appealing

Well, some people simply don’t want to do what’s needed to make their bike look like it is worth a lot less. Paint, duct tape, stickers, leaving mud on it, removing the brand names are excellent ideas. Take a plastic bag and some tape and cover the seat, taping the bag down.

This post was contributed by our guest, Mo Raja. He currently works within the marketing team at Protect Your Bubble UK, a specialist insurer of bicycles, gadgets and mobile phones. Mo enjoys blogging on sports, finance, insurance, technology, gadgets and mobile phones. This post however is solely his opinion and not endorsed by any other individual or organisation.

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