Top Tips to Regulate the Temperature of your Home without Air-conditioning

As much as you might love hot, summery weather, no one loves electricity prices and installation fees, so below are a few tips for keeping your home temperature decent without using your air conditioner. It’s time to beat the heat without breaking the bank!


Invest in proper insulation, which will benefit your home both in warmer and cooler weather. You will spend less on air conditioning in the long run, and your house will feel more comfortable throughout the year. There are many professional companies such as Roofmasters, who can get the job done for you.

Bring on the Breeze

This might sound obvious, but a good breeze can negate the need for air conditioning. If there is a decent breeze, throw open as many windows as you can and let your home cool naturally. Just be aware that most nice breezes will happen after 3 or 4pm, so best to keep this tip for the early morning or evening.

Shut the Blinds

Throughout the day, keep the sun from beaming in by keeping your blinds or curtains closed. The temperature will drop significantly just with this simple tip, and works best if you close the blinds before the sun rises. You can take it a step further by shutting off different rooms in your home based on the sun. If you have rooms on the eastern side of the house, keep the doors closed in the morning. You can do the same for rooms on the western side of the house in the afternoon. This creates an extra barrier to the sun’s heat.

Avoid Cooking

Don’t create any extra heat in the house by avoiding unnecessary cooking, or opting for salads or cold foods. You can extend this tip to the bathroom – avoid using excessive hot water, which will bring heat and steam to your home that is hard to shift.

Minimise Electricity

Whenever you can, opt for non-electrical options. Sweeping the floor will keep the house cooler than vacuuming, just as running a second fridge or freezer will add that bit more heat to the room. Avoid unnecessary usage, and you will avoid adding extra heat to your home.

Invest in a Fan

Introduce a fan into your home for excellent and power-efficient cooling. A stand-alone fan will cool you down, without using too much electricity, and you can take it with you from room to room.

Rethink your Lighting

Keep your lighting to a minimum, and invest in lower-heat light bulbs. Certain light bulbs can create a significant amount of heat just in operation, so by switching off the lights, or by changing what you use, you may just make your home cooler.

Hopefully these tips will help keep your house cool and your electricity bill lower this summer. If you other suggestions for keeping your house, or yourself, cool in the hot weather, share your tips below.

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