Treating Acne

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from acne, you’re probably aware of just how frustrating it can be to treat. Whether you’re a teenager struggling with hormonal breakouts or older and still battling adult acne, pimples can be a real pain. There are plenty of treatments to try, however, before surrendering to this infuriating but common skin condition.


Adjust Your Diet

Although warnings that chocolate and other unhealthy foods can cause pimples have long been deemed old wives tales, research has shown that certain foods may increase skin flare-ups. Try cutting out dairy and reducing foods that have a high GI factor to see if the elimination has a positive effect on your skin.


Keep It Simple

Before turning to more powerful (and often more skin-irritating) medical treatments, try paring down your skincare routine. Ditch the drying face washes and lotions and try cleaning your face twice daily with a gentle, non-perfumed soap and water. You may find that the other face washes that claim to target acne were actually aggravating your skin all along.


Benzoyl Peroxide

If a gentle soap alone doesn’t seem to improve your skin, you can consider introducing a benzoyl peroxide lotion or wash into your routine. This over the counter treatment has been shown to reduce acne in some cases. Start by using a low dosage lotion once a day, gradually increasing the strength and frequency if this isn’t sufficient.

Prescription Treatments

If over the counter treatments haven’t worked, there are certain prescription medications for acne that can lead to improvements. Topical lotions such as azelaic acid and tazarotene may help, or topical antibiotics can also be prescribed, but be aware that these medications may carry some side effects.


The Pill

If you’re a woman and suffer from acne, the doctor might suggest taking an oral contraceptive as a solution. If the acne is caused by hormonal imbalances then hormonal treatments like the pill may help clear your skin.

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