Unusual family bonding activities

Due to the hectic pace of modern life it has grown increasingly difficult for many working people to get as much time with their families as they’d like, but kids need their parents just as much as they ever did.  Making time for family activities is essential in helping them grow up into responsible, confident adults.  By doing unusual things together, family days out can be made more memorable, educational and fun.  These activities are a good way to get started.

Fossil hunting

Whether it’s along the coast or out in the desert, there are lots of places to go fossil hunting.  It’s a particularly appealing activity for kids, who may often spot things first because they’re closer to the ground, and who love the act of discovery.  It gives them the chance to learn about pre-history, nature and geology at the same time as acquiring new physical skills and perhaps gathering some small treasure to take home for their rooms.

Hot air ballooning

Usually kids have to be over a certain height to be allowed in a hot air balloon, but once they’re big enough, it’s an adventure they’ll never forget.  Seeing the world from above – much more immediately than a plane allows – will give them a fresh perspective on home and the places around it.  They’ll love the thrill of taking off and the bump of landing, and they can learn about how the balloon works and how flight began.

Exploring gardens

From exotic botanic gardens to hands-on urban gardens, most places have somewhere that kids can go to learn about plants.  They’re a place to discover unusual things and learn how agriculture works in different places.  They help city kids understand where food comes from and how the art of medicine originated.  Smaller children will love pretending that they’re in a jungle.

Deer hunting

Another great way to help kids understand where food comes from and learn about nature is to take them along on a hunting trip.  Even when they’re small they can take on a useful role, for instance by preparing food to bait deer with – there’s useful advice to be found at redneckblinds.com. Using feeders and hunting blinds makes hunting safer and helps kids feel more involved, as they won’t get left behind during chases through the undergrowth.


Caving is often thought of as a dangerous, adult-only activity, but in fact there are many cave systems that are suitable for children to explore.  When they see stalactites and stalagmites for the first time, they’ll feel as if they’re in another world.  Caving can be scary but it’s a great way to help kids overcome fears of the dark and feel more confident in a strange environment.  They can also come to understand more about what lies beneath their feet.

These examples should make clear that there’s much more families can do together than draw pictures, bake cookies or watch TV.  When kids learn that family time can be as exciting as playing with friends, they’ll look forward to it even more.

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