Valentine’s Day Crafting

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a Hallmark holiday this year. Skip the overpriced store-bought cards and last minute flower purchases and make your own Valentines treats for a truly personal touch. Valentine’s crafts projects can bring the family together and give the kids a fun project, or give you a chance to make something special for your significant other.


DIY Card Making

If your kids are going to bring cards in for their class, why not try helping them to create own set instead of buying a run of the mill card pack? With scrapbook or card paper, some glue and glitter and a good range of coloured markers, paints or crayons, you can create personalised cards together. Cut out hearts from different coloured card and stick on to create a cute effect, and encourage the kids to match each card to the personality of the recipient.

This project doesn’t have to be just for the kids! Get involved and make some cards of your own for your loved ones; creativity doesn’t have an age limit.


Friendship Bracelets

If your children want to make a Valentine’s gift for their friends, skip the candy and spend a weekend afternoon doing some beading. If your kids are bored of beads, you can cut Valentine hearts out of card, decorate and punch holes in them and then thread through string to create quirky Valentine’s jewellery.


Decorate Your Home

To really get into the spirit of the holiday, have fun with the whole family making some Valentine-inspired decorations, no party required. Cut out hearts from paper and decorate however you like, and simply stick the hearts onto a long string of ribbon, which you can then hang from doorways to create a curtain effect, or anywhere around the house that seems like it needs a little romance. This can also be a great decoration for your little girl’s room at any time of the year.

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