Waffle Cone Maker Guide

With Summer on its way in the northern hemisphere, one familiar sound heard at this time of year might be absent this year. With social distancing in place across the globe, ice cream vans with there familiar gelato or soft serve ice cream dolluped into a cone won’t be a common sight or sound.

So what do you do if you want that familiar and authentic taste? Thankfully store bought ice cream has improved leaps and bounds over the past few years, but one thing that has remained remarkably static is the cones. Even when fancy waffle cones are sold in grocery stores, they’re often stale tasting – like the difference between packaged bread and fresh bread.

Thankfully a genius has invented a solution in the nick of time, and this year there’s a solution for creating waffle cones from the comfort, and more importantly safety, of your own home.

Best Waffle Cone Makers

CGoldenwall Cone Maker

If you want to make the perfect waffle cone like you’d fine in an ice cream parlour, like everything in life, you’re going to have to fork out for the privilege. CGoldenwall’s product was designed for commercial usage, and the pricing follows that, being similar in cost to a low-end washing machine or dishwasher.

So is it worth the hefty price tag? You get a teflon baking mould which, as anyone switching from a steel to teflon pan will know, will make cleaning up a lot easier.

The temperature of the plate can be adjusted up to 300 degrees Celsius (572 Fahrenheit), and a timer feature allows you to work on other jobs while the the cone forms without the risk of burning it. A cone roller is also included for turning the waffle into a cone, and given the price tag a nice warranty is included in some regions.

ZHX Cone Maker

For household amateur use, the ZHX is more appropriate being priced at a similar level to a cheap microwave. The ten inch plate is the perfect site for waffle cones, and it uses stainless steel with a non-stick coating for ease of cleaning. Also included in a

Topqsc Cone Maker

Another commercial grade product, but at a price of a cheap home espresso machine, this waffle maker features non-stick coating, temperature protector, and power to create waffles fast. Perfect for commercial as well as household use, in case you want to turn your new found ice cream making skills into a business post-lockdown.

Can I just use a Waffle Cone Roller?

If you’ve already got a skillet pan or a griddle, then there’s nothing stopping you making basic waffle cones just using a waffle cone roller. These can cost as little as a couple of ice creams would set you back and both help form the shape and sometimes the pattern into the cones.

The downsides? You can’t get the full texture that a professional waffle cone maker would provide, and using a pan can be difficult given the sides can prevent effective rolling. Pans also will only heat one side of the batter, while a waffle cone maker will provide more even heating.

This is fine for a beginner looking to make something a little bit better than what you can purchase from the store, but if you want to really impress you’ll want to upgrade to a full cone maker eventually.

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