What to Expect from Bouncy Castle Hire Providers

Inflatable bouncy castles are a very popular source of entertainment for children as they are a great means of keeping the little ones entertained for hours on end. They can be used for many different types of events, including birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings or even just hot summer days during the school holidays. When hiring a bouncy castle, there are some things which you should automatically be able to expect from a reputable provider. These include:

  1. Insurance

It is imperative to ask the bouncy hire provider about insurance. It is important that the company is insured in case of any accidents or injuries to users of the bouncy castle or damage to the castle itself. Otherwise, you may find yourself with nowhere to turn and potentially having to pay costs yourself, should any incidents occur. Many insurance companies offer public liability insurance to bouncy castle hire providers so if they have no insurance, they may be just skimping on costs – is that the type of provider you want to hire?

  1. Testimonials

An established, reputable bouncy castle hire provider should be able to provide client testimonials from past clients. Such testimonials can give you piece of mind that by hiring a castle from this provider, you can be ensured a smooth, hassle free process and get exactly the standard of service that you were promised. If they cannot provide such testimonials, you may be taking a risk by hiring a castle from them as you have no assurances, other than their own, that they are trustworthy and reputable.

  1. A Delivery Time and Date

A good provider should be able to give an exact day and time when they will deliver the bouncy castle. You should not be given a vague delivery schedule such as “I’ll deliver Thursday or Friday, probably in the morning sometime”. A reputable provider should be able to say that they can deliver on ‘X’ day at ‘X’ am/pm. They should then ensure to deliver exactly when promised.

  1. Written Confirmation of Booking

The provider should be able to provide you with a written form of proof of your booking. Should you require a cancellation or should anything go wrong on their side, you can then have this written confirmation to refer to. It can be via a text message, e-mail, letter or receipt. A phone call confirming the booking will not suffice as if anything goes wrong with the booking, you really haven’t got any proof to support your claim.

  1. Payment Schedule

You should be able to expect confirmation of a payment schedule from the provider. If there is a certain date by which the full amount of the hire cost must be paid by, you should be made fully aware of this when booking. If there are any additional charges, you should be made aware of this. You should not have to have the castle delivered and set up at your home only to be told that you also have to pay a delivery fee. The full cost should be explained when booking.

This article was written on behalf of Bob N Bounce.  Bob N Boucne provide bouncy castles and sumo suits all around Dublin and some surrounding areas for all your party needs. They offer a reliable & professional service and are fully insured.

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