What to look for when deciding on a tutor for your child

What to look for in a Tutor

Tutors can be a significant help when it comes to aiding your child with exams, improving their focus on a subject and also adding to their confidence. However, not all tutors are created equally and different ones complement particular children. You ideally need to find the right tutor for your child’s learning style and their character before hiring. So, we’ve compiled a list of things to think about before you decide on hiring a private tutor for your child.

Approach and Enjoyment

For a lot of children, a lack of confidence around a subject can make them less likely to approach a teacher in school. This of course has an on-going negative effect. Many students fear asking questions and fall behind and lose focus on a subject.

Finding an approachable tutor, who the child feels at ease asking questions towards and also enjoys learning from- is the most important step in the process. Ideally, the tutor should ease any qualms the child has about them as a teacher or the subject and rekindle their interest in learning. This creates a fearless and healthy relationship that the child will prosper under and allows them to make the most of their opportunity with the tutor. A tutor who teaches for the sake of their own enjoyment and not merely money alone will portray this from the off.

Subject Matter

Of course, the tutor needs to be able to teach the subject. Having a significant knowledge of a certain subject doesn’t always mean that you have the ability to teach it. The best tutors have the ability to make their learning easily understandable and can teach tough concepts on the student’s level, in an easily comprehensible manner.

Not everyone can just teach and there are plenty of skills and abilities that need to be learned by teachers and tutors alike. This can take a period of time and often comes with experience. The best tutors are knowledgeable that’s for certain. However, they also can make learning fun and easy.

Put simply, you could hire a maths genius from NASA to teach a 12 year old child, but will they be capable of breaking down the concept for the child and making it easy for them to learn?

Academic credentials alone do not mean anything, teaching experience is very important too. The best way to establish the credentials is to ask around, talk to other people who have hired the tutor for their children, or if there is a rating system for the tutor then take account of it.

Before hiring a tutor it’s often a good idea to discuss their teaching methods and syllabus with them. Preparation is central to great teaching and if you ensure your potential tutor is certain of a syllabus and its topics, it is certainly a positive sign.

Online Tutors

Online tutors can also be fantastic and offer a whole host of benefits. One of the benefits of the online tuition option is that it offers more flexible learning that works around your child’s schedule. In addition, many of the top companies out there tend to have rating systems allowing you to see the qualities of specific tutors.

Online tutoring companies generally work over a video link and allow students to record the lesson for later use – a significant benefit. In addition, parents can also replay the lesson to ensure things are going as they require them. Many also offer you the opportunity to discuss needs online before hiring – something a lot of people like.

In conclusion, a tutor needs to have credentials, qualifications and a rapport with a child. However, they also need to fit in with your child’s educational needs. It takes a community of people to educate a child and your tutor needs to belong to this.

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