What To Write In A Christmas Card

In all the hype and last minute panic surrounding the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush and forget about what’s truly important. The Christmas season should be about expressing our love and gratitude to one another, while spending quality time with family and enjoying the company of those we care about. Instead, many people find themselves overwhelmed by stress and focusing on the wrong things.

One of the many things that we all let slide from time to time at Christmas is the quality of the cards we send out. So many of us now rush out and buy identical sets of cards, which we fill with quick, meaningless greetings and send in bulk to a set list of friends and extended family members. These cards then get opened, skimmed over and placed with a hundred other identical greetings on mantlepieces, never to be looked at again.


This year, why not try putting a little extra effort into your Christmas cards? Your relatives and friends will certainly notice the difference, and will appreciate that you took the time to personalise your note.

If you’ve never done it before, consider making your holiday greetings cards a family affair. Rather than scribbling a quick message and signing off from the whole family, you could have a seasonal family photo taken this year. Many photography companies will then make a set of cards for you with the picture included. This adds a personal touch to your cards that you’ll never get from a set of identical snowmen, and creates a memory for your family that you can keep forever.

One of the simplest ways to let the person know that they’re special to you is to time your card more thoughtfully. Although many of us often leave it until a week or two before Christmas to send out our cards, by thinking ahead and sending something earlier, you’re showing the person that you’ve thought of them. This will also save you the panic and post office gamble that you might suffer through normally when trying to get cards out before Christmas day.


When it comes to what to include in your card, try to stay away from the same old clichés. You can set your card apart from the rest by including a little more detail. Explain why you chose the card you did if you picked it out to suit the person particularly, and add in some personal touches addressing their family and life instead of simply writing a standard “merry Christmas.”

Sincerity and kindness will always make a Christmas card just that little bit more special. There’s no need to worry about being cheesy; the season is all about showing others we care, so if you really love the person and appreciate them, why not let them know? There aren’t very many moments in the year where you have the chance to express your affection for the people in your life that mean the most to you, so take the opportunity to share your feelings.

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