Which Internet Service Provider is Right for You

Your choice of Internet Service Provider will be the biggest decision you make as an Internet user. Your provider can make your life on the Internet a joy or nightmare. While your choice of provider may be limited based on where you live, there are a few things you can look for when choosing the best provider to suit your needs.

Own Network

Very few Internet Service Providers actually own the infrastructure that their system is based on. Many actually white label their systems from a wholesale telecommunications company such as www.ivox.com.au. Ask your Internet Service Provider about their control over the network should issues arise.


There’s a lot to consider with pricing plans. Some services may require you to rent the modem or purchase it yourself. Some offer it for free. Some Internet service providers enforce a Free Usage Policy (FUP) where a users download speeds are drastically slashed after crossing a download limit. A user should always keep an eye out for post-FUP download speeds. These are the details you’ll need to consider.


Bandwidth determines the speed of your downloads and uploads. You should understand your needs to be able to pick a plan that suits your needs. Is the Internet going to be used to stream movies or are you just going to check on your email every now and again? Understanding how heavy your usage is going to be will help you choose a service that will be economical and functional for your needs. Most plans have data allowances. Some providers charge fees for going over your data allowance. It’s important to check the cost of these fees before you sign and perhaps adjust the amount of data in your package if you think there is a chance you may go over. This may be the best course of action especially if your provider charges you for exceeding your data. If they don’t, you may find that your Internet will be slowed down for the rest of the billing month.

Technical Support

Everyone knows Murphy’s Law:  “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Your Internet connection can suffer outages due to a plethora of reasons.  Make sure you check your Internet Service Provider’s service policies. Find out how soon the company will resolve any issue with the connection. And be sure to read the fine print. Some say they will resolve the issue in 24 business hours. That’s a nice way of saying it will take three days to resolve the issue, not one day. There are some companies that offer amazing technical support.


Some Internet service providers try to save money by using inferior hardware. In most cases, there is no large disparity in the operational functionality of most hardware. There may be Internet service providers that use hardware that is prone to failure and is altogether not very robust. Avoid these providers like the plague. Failure-prone hardware combined with shoddy tech service will have you tugging at your hair in no time.

There are many internet service providers out there to choose from. But remember to keep pricing, bandwidth, tech support and equipment foremost in your mind when making your final decisions. What are some of the factors you took into consideration when choosing an internet service provider?

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