Worst Things to Forget on Any Camping Trip

Okay, we’re not going to insult you by reminding you to pack your tent or your food. If you can’t remember to pack those basics, you probably haven’t got your head screwed on straight. But there are a few essential items that we use so mechanically and automatically when we’re camping that it can be easy to overlook them when it comes time to pack. If you’re new to the camping game, the staff at an outdoor supply store like MOTackle is can provide you with a comprehensive list of every little thing you’ll need. This list just covers the basics – the items that you definitely must not forget if you want to enjoy yourself!


You’re going to have a miserable time if you’ve forgotten your fuel. If you’re going to use a campfire, make sure you pack at least one night’s worth of dry wood. This’ll save any hassle if the campsite has been picked clean of suitable firewood. If you’re using a gas cooker or gas lanterns, ensure your gas bottles are full. Fill them as early as possible on your journey – you never know what sort of service station facilities will be available in remote areas.

Whether you’re using wood or gas, it’ll all be useless if you’ve forgotten matches. Pack a few boxes in various spots throughout your gear – that way you’ll have spares in case one container or bag gets wet.

Tent Pegs

It doesn’t matter how fancy your tent is – it’s probably held in the ground with tent pegs. These little guys are notoriously good at disappearing acts, and the tent just isn’t the same without them. It never hurts to have a few spare pegs in your camping toolbox for the inevitable discovery that you don’t have enough.

Spare Tarps

You can never pack enough tarps. No matter how many you have or how expertly you’ve planned your campsite, there’s always a situation or setting that could greatly benefit from an additional tarp. Think about how many tarps you need – for ground cover and for shelter – then pack one or two more. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget to pack the necessary ropes and poles!

First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit will cover you for anything from mosquito bites and stings to cuts and gashes. Make sure that you’ve got a fully stocked kit with you on every camping trip. The trip you forget it will always end up being the trip you need it most!

Your Permits

Don’t forget to print and pack your permits if you’re taking advantage of one of the wonderful camping spots in the national parks. Most states require you to clearly display your camping and vehicle permits when onsite. You can get in a bit of trouble if you’ve forgotten your permit (depending on the Ranger’s mood), so it’s best to have it with you.

What’s the worst thing that you’ve forgotten on a camping trip? Did it ruin the experience or could you improvise an alternative? Share your experiences in the comment box.

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