Yoga 101 for Beginners

                  Just starting out on yoga? Planning to start but still hesitant to? No worries. This article will cover some of the frequently asked questions of beginners. We’ll also dispel some of those erroneous notions about yoga. Finally we’ll discuss a number of preparatory steps and etiquettes to get you started on the right path to a better and healthier you.

For starters, begin your learning of yoga under the tutelage of a proper yoga instructor in a yoga class. This will ensure that you get to do the poses properly and avoid getting injured. Such classes may be located in studios or gyms.

Proper way to view yoga

One of the most common reasons beginners hesitate to do yoga is the misconception that you had to be very flexible to be able to do yoga. Entirely not true. It’s precisely for that purpose, among many others, that you do yoga, so that your body’s flexibility gets improved. If you were inflexible in the first place, the more necessary for you to take up yoga exercises.

Another thing you should know about yoga- different yoga classes have their own styles of doing yoga asana or poses. Do not easily be discouraged.  If one class doesn’t suit you, postpone quitting altogether. Find another yoga class. There is surely one that will cater to your specific needs. Every person is also unique from another. The performing of each yoga pose will also vary from person to person. Do not compare yourself with others in the class.

You also don’t need to be technically perfect or have to do an exact replica of the instructor’s demonstration. Yoga is not a rigid exercise. If you are attending a more advanced yoga class, you can do a more basic version of the poses being done.

Things to do before starting yoga exercise or class

About 3 hours before your exercise, avoid eating much of anything. This also applies to any physical exercises. If you were full, the various poses will simply make you sick in the stomach. Always be on time for your classes. It’s not proper etiquette. Having an early start also sets a good precedent to a great session of yoga.

Another tip is to wear only comfortable and body fitting clothes. You wouldn’t want to be hassled by being conscious that too much of your skin might show when you make the different poses. Avoid wearing jewellery and other accessories. They will just distract your exercise. When you get to the studio, remove your socks and shoes. Also turn off your phones.

Proper etiquette when the class is in session

Yoga is a very spiritual and meditative exercise. Its practice has dated back several thousands of years. There are certain proper manners that should be followed in doing yoga. First to that is being respectful to the instructor. Another thing you should know – leaving early is a sign of disrespect, unless if it’s a warranted excuse. You can actually leave the class for a while during resting poses. Finally, do not leave the yoga class without doing the Savasana pose (final relaxation). In doing so, you are letting your body readjust to the new poses it had learned and also brings back equilibrium to you whole being.

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