Your Child’s First Phone

It always seems like our kids grow up way too fast, and in our technological age things seem to move even more quickly. If you have teenagers you’ll know that their mobile phones are essentially attached to their hands, a lifeline of sorts. But as younger kids are beginning to be given phones by their parents, it’s worth asking: how young is too young?

How mature is your child? This is a question only you would be able to answer. If your child is responsible, well behaved and communicates openly with you about most things, you may feel that they are ready to take on the privilege and responsibility of a mobile phone. If they seem more likely to stay up too late texting and downloading hundreds of expensive apps without your permission, you may want to re-consider, or put tight boundaries in place.

What type of phone is it? Keep in mind that mobile phones today are not what they used to be. If you buy your child a smart phone, they will have access to unfiltered internet outside of your control, along with potential communication with strangers. Make sure you discuss the risks and responsibilities with your child in an upfront, open way, and be aware of them yourselves.

There are certainly benefits to giving your child a mobile phone, so take these into consideration. It may make you feel more secure to know that you can contact your kid at any time, and that he’ll be able to keep you updated on his whereabouts. If your child travels to and from school alone, it may be beneficial to have this form of communication available. If your kid is younger and you’d rather he didn’t have access to a smart phone but you want the security of being able to keep in contact, consider getting a cheaper and simpler phone that can only make calls and text. This could be an appropriate stepping stone to a more advanced phone in their teenage years.

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