Your Guide to Maternity Clothes

Getting dressed in the morning when you’ve got a baby on board can be a huge challenge. For some women, they can stay in their normal clothes well into their pregnancies, but for most of us ladies, some adjustments are in order. Here are a few quick tips for creating your pregnancy wardrobe, and getting through those 9 months in style.



Early in your pregnancy, all the excitement may lead to a strong compulsion to get out there and spend a fortune on maternity wear. The fact is, your bump will grow rapidly in the second trimester, so in the early days try and make do with looser fitting clothing from your own wardrobe, or special jean expanding belts that will keep you in your own clothes for longer.


Hunt Down Bargains

The most annoying thing about maternity clothing is how much you can end up spending for something so temporary. Get around this problem by finding the best deals available. You’ll often find mums on sites like Gumtree and Freecycle advertising their second hand maternity clothes, so try these if you want to avoid paying full price. It can also be helpful to ask around amongst family and friends, as many women who’ve been pregnant in the past have a few maternity things that they no longer need.


Try Things On

If you’re usually a fan of online shopping, you may need to break the habit temporarily for this haul. It’s very difficult to tell how things will fit when your body is such a different shape than you’re used to, so you will probably want to try things on to get a sense of what size will fit best. This will save you the hassle of having to post things back if they don’t quite fit right.

Remember that you’ll keep growing for a while to come, so choose items that will stretch and flatter later in your pregnancy as well as earlier.

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