Your Kids And Video Games

In this age of increasing technology use and with our kids exploring technology at ever-younger ages, many parents find themselves concerned about how to manage the issue. With children, video games are often a hot issue, as their growing popularity and exposure at a young age makes many children desperate to own their own games consoles and get hold of all the newest games on the market. Video games don’t have to have a damaging impact on your child’s behaviour or development, as long as you remain alert and aware as a parent.


Be aware of ratings

Just like with films and TV programs, video games come with age restrictions. These can range from those deemed suitable for early childhood, to an ‘18’ warning. Ensure that your children are playing games that are suitable for their age group, and try not to give into demands from younger kids to play games that are above their range; the ratings are there for a reason.


Watch the game

If you’re in the background checking out the content of the video game your child is playing, you’ll have a far better awareness of what they’re playing than a parent who turns a blind eye.


Watch their behaviour

If your child’s behaviour is notably different after playing video games or starting a new game, consider restricting their access. Every child is different, so try and be aware of what the impact of the activity has on your particular kid.


Set some ground rules

This is especially important with younger kids but can be applied to older teenagers as well. When playing video games, it’s easy to lose track of time and let hours go by without noticing. Homework can get missed and outdoor time may be abandoned in favour of moving up levels; so make sure you set time limits and schedules to keep your kids on track and well balanced.

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